Year end review and business plan for 2012

Mr. Nguyen Duc Hai, president and CEO; Mr. Duong Dinh Thai, vice president – deputy general director; Mr. Nguyen Manh Chien, deputy general director; Mrs. Le Thi Thuy Nga, CFO, all employees of DIC-INTRACO and member companies have gathered to honor the company's achievements and excellent employees.

Global crisis and domestic policy changes had caused a fluctuated year for Vietnamese entrepreneurs in general and DIC-INTRACO in particular. Along with other companies, DIC-INTRACO is making ceaseless effort to tackle these challenges, maintain our growth rate and optimize shareholders' benefits.

DIC-INTRACO's revenue of the first 3 quarters reached more than VND 700 billion, making an year on year increase of VND 60 billion. Profit before tax reached VND 16 billion, paid tax was VND 650 million.
On this occasion, many departments and individuals who have outstanding performances were also rewarded.