DIC-INTRACO: The 6th time in the VNR500 list - Top 500 largest Vietnamese private enterprises by Vietnam Report JSC & Vietnamnet Newspaper

 The Ceremony of VNR500 Ranking Board - Top 500 Vietnamese largest enterprises took place on January 17, 2014 at National Convention Centre, Hanoi, with the participation of leaders of Vietnamese largest enterprises, and domestic and foreign well - known professionals, analysts and economists.


2013 is the seventh consecutive year that the list of Top 500 Vietnamese largest enterprises has been announced, marking a significant development of VNR500 reputation and deeper cooperation of VNR 500's enterprises. The ranking list objectively recognizes ranks and achievement of Vietnamese largest enterprises in 2013.

The VNR500 has been constructed scientifically, independently and internationally standardized by Vietnam Report. The VNR500 aims at honoring Vietnamese's business achievements in last fiscal year. Compiled according to the Fortune500, VNR500 enterprises have been ranked mainly basing on revenue while other criteria including profits, growth rates, number of employees, and assets are also used to compare enterprises.

Being in VNR 500 ranking for the 6th time, DIC-INTRACO take great pride in demonstrating their strong survival in the scene of global economic crisis lasted since 2008. DIC-INTRACO has become a trusted choice for domestic as well as foreign partners.